Meet the Akesis Balance Family

Meet the Akesis Balance Family

What is Akesis Balance?

We have taken our name from greek mythology. In greek mythology AKESO was the goddess of healing (wounds) and curing (illness) and her male counterpart AKESIS.

Akesis Balance is the healing path required to reclaim health through information and action. The most vital part of healing is finding your inner voice and making the decisions for yourself. As much as a doctor, naturopath, or any other healer is there to guide you, at the end of the day it is your journey and they are offering support, information and opinion. Essentially you must decide which information you’re going to act upon through what resonates in your heart.

Who are we and what is our purpose?

We are parents of two very beautiful children. We believe that our children are here to teach us a lesson which we continue to learn. We ignored the signs of imbalance to the point that we made ourselves quite ill and didn’t act until we started to see that it was becoming a problem for our children. We are their custodians and we very much intend to honour our commitment as parents to get them through to adulthood with all the goodness available to us from the blessings of knowing others, having amazing peers, supportive family and community, and constant education. This site is a medium to share our journey and fast-track some of the unforseen parts of our adventure.



What do we do?

Leah Follett has a Bachelor of Teaching and is a Holistic Health Educator or Health Coach.

Mark Follett is a major infrastructure projects design and construction manager and a men’s health coach and corporate health advocate.