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A QUIRKY JOURNEY – How it began…

Fouad Kassab Chef, blogger and super amazing guy met Leah in mid 2014 when she attended a networking function at  Chic Pea in Sydney’s Inner West. Chic Pea was Fouad’s pop-up restaurant and Leah and Fouad hit it off instantly as they discussed the pro’s and con’s of using chickpea’s as part of a diet. Leah was, at the time, working in predominantly Paleo and Fouad a great supporter of Westin A Price.

There was further discussions required to encourage Leah to eat Fouad’s chic peas as she needed reassurance that they were prepared in the correct manner to remove all anti-nutrient properties.  There was some debate over whether or not Leah was going to eat anything at the restaurant that night but Fouad changed the menu last minute to pander to her lifestyle ideals.  All of this was done in great humor and Fouad loves a good challenge so he set to work in the kitchen to create one-off plates of food which he presented personally to Leah describing each plate as it was presented to her. All this fuss made Leah incredibly uncomfortable at the time considering the group of women who were all in attendance having share platters.

A month passed and Leah got a phone call from Giovanna her friend who had run the networking night asking if she could give out Leah’s phone number to the crazy chef from Chic Pea and within the week Leah had spoken to Fouad about his friend Jo who needed help with her son’s health. Within the hour Leah had taken Jo on as a client and started health coaching her family.

It took some weeks before Leah actually realized who Jo was as Jo hadn’t had time to fill in the coaching forms thus Leah didn’t even know Jo’s last name.

Some week’s later Leah finally stalked her on Facebook only to find that she was a author of a cook book called Quirky Cooking. No wonder she didn’t have time to fill out the health coaching forms!

Shortly after that Jo had decided that she was going to start a podcast and that Leah had no choice but to be on it. As you can imagine it was a total shock for both Leah and Jo to be sharing their lessons and journeys so publicly.

Who are we and what is our motivation….


Leah Follett lives in Sydney, Australia, with her two amazing boys and wing-man/husband Mark.
Although living in the inner city they have made it their focus to keep to their farm ideals of clean
living, balance and supporting nature. Leah is exceptionally proud of the produce she is able to
source on hunter/gatherer expeditions to the farmer’s markets ensuring that her family eats as
locally and in season as possible. The importance of knowing where you food comes from is vital to a
healthful life balance.
Leah found she had a gift for health and education whilst living in Bundaberg. She studied teaching
at university and then went on to start a family. Her children taught her the biggest lessons about
health and to keep up with their needs she went onto study health coaching to become the health
coach that her family needed for their recovery. This in turn made her look at her own life and start
to address the root causes of her own health problems rather than mask the symptoms with
medication any longer.
She speaks from her heart and has a deep interest in restoring balance across all areas of health
including the mind, body and spirit. Leah’s passion and energy is drawn from a love of helping others
on their journey to wellness.
Her two greatest wishes are to see health coaches accepted as an important part of any health
team, working with the practitioners across various health and wellness modalities to better aide the
support and practical application for the patient/client recovery and to give people the practical
inspiration and strength to make healthful choices in balancing not only their own lives but their
families and then influence the community to make changes with their new found energy and


Jo Whitton lives in country Far North Queensland, Australia, with her family, where she runs her
business from home and home schools her four children. She has always loved to cook, and grew
up in a family where wholefood cooking was the norm. Because of food intolerance, Jo began
experimenting with allergy friendly cooking when her children were very young. She began her
blog, Quirky Cooking, in December 2008, as a place to share her recipes and tips for healthy
cooking, especially for those with diet challenges. Her best selling cookbook, Quirky Cooking, was
released in May, 2014, and has been very popular with those who want to cook creative, healthy
food, using real food ingredients, and especially for those with food allergies or intolerances.
In the last few months, Jo’s journey to find further healing for herself and her children led her to the
GAPS diet. Jo decided to document their progress through this podcast, with the help of her health
coach, Leah Follett, in the hopes that their stories would help others with gut issues.
Jo’s passion is teaching families how to transition to a healthy, gut friendly, traditional diet, without
being overwhelmed. She speaks at seminars and on webinars, teaches private and public cooking
classes, and coaches via Skype. Her down to earth, positive approach to life and food has made
her well-loved by her many followers.

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