Low Carb Diet ?

mushrrom vs honey

Both have the same carbohydrate values of 4grams. 100g mushroom or 1 teaspoon of honey

What does my low-carb diet look like?

The house hold diet was a “real food” diet of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, low starch vegetables, fruit and small amounts of natural sugars like honey and maple. We have been living this way for the last 12 months under the guidance of our GP. It wasn’t until we fulfilled the last suggestion by our GP to limit the fruit intake and remove lower sugars that we fully understood what being a ‘fat burner’ was all about. Continue reading

Bio Individuality

A18 crowd

Your health prescription should be as individual as you.

Bio Individuality…..The principle that one diet does not fit all.
I have read this word a few times in my diet adventures and have come to the understanding that each person does well on their own diet be it Paleo, GAPS, Atkins, SCD, or ketogenic and considered that the individual had to find which one was right for them.
Mark, I and the kids are all following a modified paleo diet (JUST EAT REAL FOOD) that puts us into a ketogenic state however we all tolerate these foods within the paleo diet guidelines differently. For example two of our family members have intolerances to nightshade vegetables. It also depends on which author, researcher, and scientist you follow and what the success has been this far in your recovery. I heard a podcast interview with Chris Kresser and his approach to the paleo lifestyle being built around difference.
It seems that the latest media favourite for miss-representation is the Paleo diet. Called a “Fad” the diet aim’s to move back to real food that is not processed, eating local, in season produce with a special focus on the way the food was produced. It’s not a diet of carnivores. Continue reading

Market Day

Friday is coming around quickly and so it’s time to start thinking about the weekend.farmers market picture

I thought I would post some information about how to prepare yourself for eating great quality nutrient dense foods in the week ahead. In my house the fridge is starting to look bare by Friday and recipes are defiantly modified to include whatever I’ve still got left in the fridge.

For our family Saturday morning signals a flurry of gathering activity by heading off to the organic farmers market. Continue reading

We have a website!

choc mousseMark and I are super-proud to announce that we have not strangled each other whilst creating a new website.  We saw there was a need to host the recipes and information that we have been posting over the last few months without having to scroll through Facebook to find anything. Thank you for your ongoing interest and support. The site needs a few more creature comforts and we are constantly adding new content to the menus but none the less we hope that in the next few weeks it will become a reference for all. Thanks for all of your support and messages we have both really enjoyed the interaction with you and if you prefer to follow on Facebook our posts will continue to popup there as well. You can also continue to follow us on Twitter and Instagram

We would love to have you all also pop over from Facebook to our new website www.akesisbalance.com and sign up for our newsletter in the right-hand side bar. I’ve arranged that our newsletter community will be entitled to exclusive supplier discounts and I’ve also created a multipurpose mousse recipe that I am delighted to share as an exclusive to the inner circle (pictured above). The newsletter is due to mail-out next week and our first edition is our December Christmas edition!

If you are reading this on our new website then welcome we are glad you could joins us.

Please continue to comment on our Facebook posts and on the new website to let us know what you enjoy and what additional information would be useful and helpful in your own quest for wellness. We are going to continue to share our story to help others avoid making some of the same mistakes in their family journey.

Leah and Mark Follett

Sister Wisdom

_DMB9169 (Large)My baby sister is so much wiser than I….But I’ve lived longer, shouldn’t I know more?!
That moment when your little sister tells you to slow down and enjoy the progression of things to come. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that she has had her own hardships and lessons to learn. Obviously she has but I never thought that she would be teaching me the lessons of life and how to enjoy it, mistakes and all.

Today she told me that:

  • Part of the process is the enjoyment of learning.
  •  Slow down and take it all in because if you do it right you only need to do it once and you’ll be forever proud of your achievements.
  • Let the process happen, get caught in its diversions and be open to it all

Basically she’s telling me to slow down in her designer/manager voice. I vaguely remember my parents saying something similar. Actually that’s a lie, they tell me all the time!
Can the thing that drives you, drive you insane?