Chemical Free Kids

Book Review by Leah Follett:

Chemical Free Kids by Dr Sarah Lantz

The book that started the questions for me was Chemical Free Kids by Dr Sarah Lantz.

This book is a short, no-fuss read that quickly brings you up to speed on the history of chemicals including the industrial revolution and some of the most horrid historical chemical mistakes. It also includes tables of chemical legacy to this point in history and the effect it has had on the human population as well as the environment.

The book explains the chemical impact on the body or “body burden” within our nervous system. It explores the resultant endocrine and respiratory disorders and then onto childhood cancers and then how these chemical compounds end up in our children from such an early age. I was surprised to learn that breast milk can transfer such chemicals. Breast milk in my opinion, as with Dr Lantz, is always considered the best but the idea that something so nourishing could contain chemicals really made me consider what I was eating and putting on my skin.

Another misconception that I had was “if it’s on the shelf it’s safe”. The book also left me pondering if there has actually been any investigation into how different products interact together. I know that when I worked in a dispensary I had to be careful to label medications with an extra warning sticker if they shouldn’t have been taken with other medications. I can’t imagine that this is done with food chemicals, medications, personal care products etc.

The book was not created to scare people into hiding away from chemicals as we now live in a world where this is not possible. It was however intended to impose a consciousness about deciding if the benefit outweighed the risk, or triggered a response to look to a more natural solution. In my experience of headaches, I used-to take paracetamol rather than to look to the reason why I had a headache to begin with, and it was the same with back pain, period pain, hay fever and asthma. Thankfully I don’t suffer with these afflictions daily as I used-to. It would now be a yearly occurrence and can confidently say I have not used asthma medication for 2 years. Yay me!