How to Eat an Elephant

We are all busy in our daily lives and making changes sometimes seems out of the question, even finding the time to reading a book may be a problem for most people.DBH
I would like you to consider a book I was given when I attended a retreat a few months ago and I was also lucky enough to receive a second copy recently, which is perfect because my books are always out on loan. The book I was given a book called How To Eat An Elephant by Dr Brett Hill.

Dr Brett Hill is a chiropractor from Adelaide, Australia who is passionate about helping people be their individual best. His practice like many other chiropractic clinics is about the holistic nature of restoring balance by making small incremental changes. He may start with spine health but then focuses well beyond that into a myriad of other health principals.
The book itself is an easy 213 pages of quick content that is broken up into chapters of one to two pages long. You don’t need a medical background to understand the concepts nor do you need a thesaurus.

Dr Brett Hill wrote the book in this way to make choosing lifestyle changes as easy as possible. I’ve seen him speak a few times now and each time I am totally absorbed in the zest he has for everyone having the power to make change. Dr Brett Hill is the “barefoot” Tony Robbins as I’ve never seen him give a talk with shoes on. Another endearing thing about the book is that there is no failure in the process of restoring wellness. It’s a matter of choosing a small incremental change and adopting it. Choose one chapter and try it out, if it doesn’t fit into your life at this stage choose another that you will be more successful with.

The book is simple actions to wellness. My favourite chapters are chapter 55 – Don’t Feel Guilty and chapter 16 – Find a wellness coach.

“ I have already stated, nobody is perfect, so there is absolutely no reason to feel guilty about slipping up – everyone does it. The key is to use it as a tool to help you do better next time” DR BRETT HILL – How To Eat An Elephant.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take some steps towards wellness without fear of failure. You can click on the link below to buy from Amazon or click on the link in the resources tab on each of my pages to go to Dr Brett Hill’s website where you can also pickup the ebook copy.