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Top 10 Tips for a healthy Christmas

Having it all at Christmas…….An approach to the Silly Season and balancing a healthy lifestyle.

xmas angel

Kitchen grater angel. She’s yet to earn her wings!

Eeek…It’s December this week! Here’s my latest blog with my top 10 tips on managing the silly season and staying true to your body.

Today I considered that for some people Christmas is going to be a little daunting. Since last Christmas there might be a new baby in the family, a diagnosis of some sort, an intolerance or allergy to food, a new lifestyle approach to healing or even a diet that some people are new to. For whatever reason many of us are looking at Christmas lurking around the corner and wondering how are we going to negotiate it and still enjoy the season without being a total Grinch!

This information contains a few of the Christmas practicalities that I uphold in my house and I hope that by sharing them you may get some ideas and even post/comment back about your Christmas action plan. Post your ideas on Facebook or on my website so we can all benefit from the wisdom of others. Also, if you haven’t done so already, please signup to my newsletter to receive an exclusive Christmas recipe for healthy chocolate mousse. Continue reading

Why grass fed makes a difference

Two of my favourite authors are Robb Wolf author of The Paleo Solution and Claire Yates author of Optimum Health the Paleo Way both present amazing information about the importance and difference between the grass-fed option and the grain-fed or finished choice of meat.

Claire Yates makes the point that animal and humans alike thrive on the diet that they are designed to or evolved to eat. Domesticated animals that are fed a diet of soy, corn, and protein meal, or synthetic vitamins impacts on the health of the animals. This is reflected in the quality of fats and nutrients within the meats. Continue reading

The Merrymaker Sisters…Cooking, wellness and laughter!

Surely each of us knows the experience of being drawn to someone because of their infectious laugh and glowing spirit. Being able to spend some time with the Merrymaker Sisters was one of the most soul-giggling experiences that I have encountered. These two are sweet and affectionate to all and their kind natures are a testimony to the path that they have journeyed and especially to the education that they have experienced through studying as holistic health coaches. Continue reading