A WELL FED HEART – Autistic to Artistic

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“Leah’s heartfelt account of hers and her family’s incredible journey and the empowering way that they diligently navigated their family to thriving health, is a book that will inspire and enliven you to your core! Autistic to Artistic is an exceptional guidebook for any parent wishing to provide wholesome, nurturing care for their little ones and also for themselves!” – Pete Evans

A Well-Fed Heart: Autistic to Artistic draws upon the experience of its author, Leah Follett, who learned from her own challenges in trying to maintain wellness, to find ways to work with-and not against-her own nature. She extends this approach for reflections on nurturing her own children.

Parents and others who care for children with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, food intolerances and allergies, skin conditions, and digestive issues will find in the pages of A Well-Fed Heart the hard-won insights that can help a family seek healing and wholeness.

A Well-Fed Heart: Autistic to Artistic presents accessible, amply researched, and family-tested advice and counsel for families who desire to seek health for all of their members.

“I wrote this book for the person I was when I started this journey. I was lost, defeated, confused and lacking a sense of self appreciation, power and purpose for the person I was and the the children that I was gifted.” – Leah Follett

DESCRIPTION: Autistic to Artistic is 326 pages (6×9) It contains:

  • Short easy to digest chapters that point out the cause and effect of the physical or emotional imbalance followed by the practical steps taken towards healing her children.
  • It contains over 60+ recipes that are grain, gluten and dairy free & instructions on how to convert the home into a sanctum of healing by removing harmful chemicals.
  • Leah’s health notes are also including as well as a shopping list, resources/tools and further sources of information.

How Much Protein?

Mush Sliders

Mushroom Sliders with Bacon Jam and onion

How much Protein is actually required on a Paleo/LCHF diet? “Isn’t it just all meat?”

The Paleo/LCHF lifestyle and the ratio of meat protein required within the diet is often misrepresented by media. Kris Kresser supports the notion that a paleo lifestyle is what you want it to be. I view the paleo lifestyle to be one of real food, void of grains, real exercise that forces you out into nature walking along logs, running hopping and carrying things otherwise known as functional fitness, and a lifestyle that abides by the circadian rhythms or principles that natures abides by.
Meat protein should make up roughly 0.8g (actual protein) of your ideal body weight per day. Eg I weigh 60kg therefore 0.8g x 60 = 48g. I need roughly 48g of protein daily. Continue reading