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Tribe & Kids

Welcome to the tribe. Here you will find photos, videos and art work from the Akesis Balance community, family, friends and their kids.

Our reasons for creating this page are firstly kids learn from watching other kids so we are hoping that by sharing as a community we can have our kids educate each other and deepen their understandings of what they eat and how they live and thrive. We feel that the current education taught in schools on health especially the food pyramid is lacking in so many areas however it is a good place to start and a wonderful platform to then extend our education as we use it as a comparative for eating real food. For some, eating real food rather than packaged food is an entirely new education and in most cases it goes against peoples earliest education of health.

Secondly our hope is to offer another alternative idea to the mainstream ideals for your personal consideration.

We suggest:

– Changing one meal a week to an entirely clean one void of processed foods (hint make a double batch for the freezer or so you have left overs).

– Making food gathering your hobby and find the freshest local produce you can.

– Crowd out health compromising foods and lifestyle choices by bringing in health promoting ones.

– Find out where your community is or start a meet up.

– Populate you social media pages with people that inspire you that have your beliefs are living their words through actions.

We are sharing for the next generation.

If your interested in sharing your videos, or your kids drawing and paintings with our community please email us at

In sending us these items of creative expression for this particular section of the Akesis Balance page you are giving us permission to share them with others with the hope of inspiring change in all.