Healing with Essential Oils

Our Essential Journey

Our love of essential oils was reignited when we met Samantha Bulloch in early 2015. In previous years during our biomedical intervention we removed all chemicals, both synthetic and natural, from our personal care products like deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo as well as laundry liquid and garden sprays.  We only used vinegar and bicarb soda to clean with because our children were so chemically sensitive that the slightest smell would trigger emotional and physical responses. Gabriel (2) would have almost instant explosive diarrhea and William (7) suffered emotional meltdowns.

crazy familyWe turned our home into a bubble of healing and requested that visitors use low fragrance products when coming to visit. Even food was considered contraband until we started to see positive results in both children. Cutting to the crux of it all, after we healed our gut issues and reduce the internal chemical load we noticed that the children started to tolerate modern day exposures better. We marked time and kept working on our diet, lifestyle and beliefs and before long both children were communicating well.

At the end of the 5th year of our biomedical intervention in healing our children we saw that the children were both anxious, at times fearfull, they were poor sleepers, highly strung, required visual cues for transition and suffered a few smaller quirks that left them feeling isolated. William’s language was still poor, he struggled to concentrate and tired quickly in social situations.  It was then that Samantha guided us to understand that essential oils supported the physical aliments of the body as well as offering an intense emotional support to the Neuro Feedback Training (NFT) and the emotional self development work that Mark and I had both started together through reading books aloud and later on with Rudy Eckhardt.

I can say that when we first received our child’s diagnosis, moderate Autism, Mark and I wanted to undo it all. We refused it accept it and we set out to heal the chemical imbalance and compromised gut. We worked tirelessly for 6 years on every treatment available to us and were fortunate to find help exactly when we needed it. After all the testing and treatments we have healed our family to a point. The rest is emotional healing and retraining but now at least our boys can express themselves freely without physical pain and anxiety. They are growing into themselves and learning about their unique talents. I can’t say that our children are entirely healed because it is still a process but I can say that we are not far off it.

There is so much more to be said about our journey with essential oils and healing but I’ll save that for my speaking events and classes.

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