Class/Workshop – Identifying Stress



Identifying & Healing Stress 4 Busy Mumma’s & Passionate Mumma’s,

3rd April 2016 10am






“Let’s laugh at stress together and remove the hold it has on our immune system and hormonal regulation”

Come and join me for a morning of guided learning and a lot of fun…or rather Ridiculousness

So what am I up to???

I’m lifting the lid on the “Super Woman/Mummy” alter ego to share and learn from my own personal disasters. This super informative class will give loads of tips and tricks to taking the sting out of stress allowing you to make better decisions in your family or career.

This class is designed to help busy women identify their stress load including the regular perceptions of everyday stress as well as the sneaky underlying stresses that causes imbalance leading adrenal fatigue, digestive disruption, poor immune function, crazy mummy syndrome, and a feeling of being stretched beyond what we can handle.

cabbage head pic

Wearing a cabbage is not an appropriate coping mechanism for stress but it’s what I had at the time. x

This class is for busy women trying to balance it all (family, career, relationship & health)

crazy family

One of the sources of my stress, my crazy boys.





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“Happy-crazy may be a perfect expression of who you are but when happy-crazy looses it’s footing to stress we give birth to other parts of our personality less desirable and not nearly as much fun!!!”

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