Calm Parenting

If the Mummy is calm, the house is calm…..

The above statement rings true in the family home, business, running a country or any other area, culture or industry animal or human alike.William Stuck
If the person at the helm isn’t calm and focused on the outcome then it’s going to be a panic from start of task to finish. The health of the participants will decline as will the energy levels and the connections required to get things done.

My experience of this is very different to my husband’s as he works in design and construction on large scale projects but both of us in the same way have similar cross roads on a daily basis. I’m a home school mother and health coach. My day is managed around the family especially the children and their education. Everything else comes second to that. If I don’t have a clear set of intentions at the beginning of the day I will not feel the success of getting through my workload, this in turn frustrates me. Frustration is then radiated as negative energy which the children are highly receptive to and then they become stress and begin to quarrel.

A tangible example of the power of positive and negative heart energy can be noticed daily with how we feel about people. Have you noticed that the people who glow and radiate love are the ones you are drawn to, where on the other hand the people that are emotionally down seem to wear you out? Time with that on makes you feel emotionally drained. I’m still learning how to turn the other cheek and radiate love, which is different to gushing and praising, in the face of frustration but I know that if I can keep this practice going throughout the day then we may all survive through to dinner time.

The aim is to start the project and finish in a better more positive heart than when you started. This will increase the overall health of the community, workplace, tribe or family unit.
Sneaky Tip: If you walk into a room and love everyone in that room for some little thing chances are you are going to be the person people gravitate too. Everyone is going to want to be on your team and most likely want to follow you and support your decisions. No challenges and no debates.

The photo is a picture of my eldest stuck in a tree. As you can imagine it was a moment of panic and frustration that defiantly needed more love. BTW I did consider that we would have to call the fire department for assistance.