PictosTransitional issues were one of the biggest hurdles with our children. Here’s how we managed it.
It’s hard enough as an adult to accept being flexible about unexpected changes but when you’re a person with ASD, OCD, Aspergers or any other disorder that has an anxiety component it creates complete chaos that generally follows with a meltdown or total withdrawal. As parents of children prone to these issues we’ve had our share of outbursts so when I was shown this management method it gave me the tools to desensitize my boys to change. Once the kids got used to the visual calendar, which took time, I started to switch the daily or weekly schedule around, gradually getting them used to change and realizing that it wasn’t really such a big deal.

This program is free to install and easy to use. You choose the picto’s to create a social story, timeline or even a visual calendar. If you find this as helpful as I did maybe you could make a donation to support the wonderful people that created it.
Depending on our kids’ overall health we generally don’t need to go back to the old days of using the pictos and now the kids are happy with a quick list on a piece of paper. This was a great help to us in dealing with transitional and change issues.
I would consider this also extremely helpful for people with Alzheimer or dementia although I have not worked with these patients myself.