How do you start making a change to a better lifestyle?

I was asked a question about how to start making lifestyle modifications to help a myriad of health issues within a family. What is step 1? The question was specific to merging into a Paleo diet but as we are all different I intend to make this information fit across a few dietary principles.

Firstly the key to any new direction is planning. Preparation will lead to success.

  • Read and become informed through books, podcasts, social media, YouTube. Always consider the content and quality of the information and if that information fits you.
  •  Invest in the best water filter that you can afford comfortably within in your budget and be happy with your choice.
  •  Switching the household cleaners over to safer lower chemical options. I use bicarbonate soda and white vinegar for most things.
  • Trial a few new recipes as these will become your new go-to recipes for the house. This has to be sustainable for everyone. Make sure some of these meals are frozen for the harder days ahead.
  •  Make bone, fish or chicken broth and have it in the fridge with some frozen as back up. Broth is essential to healing the gut and can then be added to soups and sautéed veggies.
  • Choose a start date that is going to be easiest on the house with the work, school and social calendar. Starting immediately before Christmas isn’t a great idea unless you are prepared to miss out on some of the celebrations.
  •  Find new high food reward treats for the little ones as well as the big ones. The importance of having a food treat isn’t something that I practice myself but we do have things reserved for special occasions only that fit within your chosen dietary principles.
  • Have a final pantry, laundry and bathroom clean out once you have your new replacement products in place. You would be surprised what the ingredients are in the conditioner, or face creams. Wheat based ingredients find their way into all manner of things.
  • Spend some time meeting and taking to the people you buy your food from. Check out the source that it comes from, join a fruit and veggie co-op or get to the farmers markets. Fresh is always best and if buying fresh it forces you to by in season. If you are buying tin/canned food stuffs always consider if the tin has a BPA free lined coating on the inside of then can. Try and buy grass-fed and finished meats where possible as this ensures that the omega ratio within the animal fat itself is correctly proportioned.
  • The whole family should be in agreement and ideally everyone should be making the changes together if possible.

    These principals could be adapted to any diet, not just Paleo. Choose a dietary principal that aligns with your body and your health goals.
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