How Much Protein?

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How much Protein is actually required on a Paleo/LCHF diet? “Isn’t it just all meat?”

The Paleo/LCHF lifestyle and the ratio of meat protein required within the diet is often misrepresented by media. Kris Kresser supports the notion that a paleo lifestyle is what you want it to be. I view the paleo lifestyle to be one of real food, void of grains, real exercise that forces you out into nature walking along logs, running hopping and carrying things otherwise known as functional fitness, and a lifestyle that abides by the circadian rhythms or principles that natures abides by.
Meat protein should make up roughly 0.8g (actual protein) of your ideal body weight per day. Eg I weigh 60kg therefore 0.8g x 60 = 48g. I need roughly 48g of protein daily. This fluctuates depending on body composition (muscle to fat ratio) and of course how physical you are. A body builder or someone with a very physical job would need more protein. The term “actual protein” refers to the amount of protein in a food. According to the book Primal Body, Primal Mind By Nora Gedgaudas , Appendix C provides a list of protein contained in each food.

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Based on this information I could have:
Breakfast 2 eggs = 12g actual protein
Roast beef (85g) = 25g actual protein
I also choose to include sources of protein from vegetable, nut and seed sources eg.
Broccoli ½ cup = 3g actual protein
Nuts ½ cup = 5g actual protein
Stir fried vegetables ½ cup = 2g actual protein

I now appreciate how little animal protein we actually need to fulfil our daily requirement.
Eating like this will help preserve the world’s resources and give the animals a better life. If you’re going to take a life of an animal to sustain your own health it had better be the best, most informed choice you can make that ensures that you use as much of the beautiful life that is supporting your existence. Eat mindfully xx