Why grass fed makes a difference

Two of my favourite authors are Robb Wolf author of The Paleo Solution and Claire Yates author of Optimum Health the Paleo Way both present amazing information about the importance and difference between the grass-fed option and the grain-fed or finished choice of meat.

Claire Yates makes the point that animal and humans alike thrive on the diet that they are designed to or evolved to eat. Domesticated animals that are fed a diet of soy, corn, and protein meal, or synthetic vitamins impacts on the health of the animals. This is reflected in the quality of fats and nutrients within the meats. Continue reading

The Merrymaker Sisters…Cooking, wellness and laughter!

Surely each of us knows the experience of being drawn to someone because of their infectious laugh and glowing spirit. Being able to spend some time with the Merrymaker Sisters was one of the most soul-giggling experiences that I have encountered. These two are sweet and affectionate to all and their kind natures are a testimony to the path that they have journeyed and especially to the education that they have experienced through studying as holistic health coaches. Continue reading

What I ate today?

IMG_4580FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender2What does my daily diet actually look like…
A reader suggested the diet that I live by might be a bit too high in amines for her to adopt. I consider that this is probably true for a person that follows a low amine diet. However my current view of low amine diets is that it is a stepping-stone to the next piece of the puzzle which is gut health and healing the cause of the reaction and inability to digest food properly. I mean no disrespect to the person who messaged me in any way as I came from a similar place. I too reduced our “real food” intake such as veggies, meat, eggs etc in favour of the grain and legume based material to pad out the reaction and uptake into the system. We were at one point afraid to eat certain veggies and food because of the high reactions that the kids had to these foods. Continue reading

How Much Protein?

Mush Sliders

Mushroom Sliders with Bacon Jam and onion

How much Protein is actually required on a Paleo/LCHF diet? “Isn’t it just all meat?”

The Paleo/LCHF lifestyle and the ratio of meat protein required within the diet is often misrepresented by media. Kris Kresser supports the notion that a paleo lifestyle is what you want it to be. I view the paleo lifestyle to be one of real food, void of grains, real exercise that forces you out into nature walking along logs, running hopping and carrying things otherwise known as functional fitness, and a lifestyle that abides by the circadian rhythms or principles that natures abides by.
Meat protein should make up roughly 0.8g (actual protein) of your ideal body weight per day. Eg I weigh 60kg therefore 0.8g x 60 = 48g. I need roughly 48g of protein daily. Continue reading