Preventative medicine & PCOS

I watched a documentary recently where scientists had cured asthma in mice and reduced the size of tumours in rats. The scientists went on to say that they gave the mice asthma and then they cured them of it. Questions started to race in my head…
How about we take a step back and start to consider that if “they”, the scientists, have the power to cause asthma, cancer, arthritis, MS and all the other afflictions out there that are adding to the government financial burden as part of the health care crisis, then shouldn’t the scientists be sharing the information about known contributing causes of these diseases? Can the government start publicising the known causes and how to live the healthiest life possible by avoiding these things? Why does the government still allow “franken-foods” to be produced?

I’m not scare-mongering but rather questioning why certain ingredients are still allowed in products. Why and how do these chemicals interact with medications and each other for that matter? For example for morning tea I used-to buy a “natural” caffeine soda with its concoction of flavours and preservatives and then take a pain-killer for menstrual cramps because my hormones were out of balance, then would eat my low fat yoghurt with artificial sweeteners like phenylalanine and eat a slimming bar to help me stop craving food.
More questions…What was I actually consuming? Are the chemicals safe together and like the asthma rats was I part of my own experiments? Am I the metaphorical scientist with the power to give myself a condition and then take it way? The answer is yes we are all have the power to cause our own imbalance and all have the power to return balance.
I now know that all chemicals contribute to the disruption of the endocrine system. They caused me a massive amount of trouble and pain and I went onto develop endometriosis. I had surgery to fix the problem and I had the cysts removed. No one ever said that it had anything to do with diet or lifestyle. I was always on a diet…. I was just on the wrong one for way too many years.

So many women are being diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome). There are two action plans from this point. One is to take a tablet because that’s what you know and the other is to research and start asking questions. I now know that if I had removed all chemical stimulants that exacerbated my hormones and as many environmental ones as possible then I could have reduced my symptoms enough that I could hear my body give me feed-back through the nervous system. When you are in such a toxic mess it’s hard to know what your body is really feeling and what is caused by chemical load. If you can reduce the amount of work that the endocrine system has to do then the little internal voice has a chance to guide you.
Why not try balancing the hormones naturally by supporting the body and give it a chance to heal itself by itself. Late last year my driver’s license was up for 10 year renewal. I am proud of the improvement in my appearance as a result of the improvements I have made in my diet and lifestyle. On the left is my driver’s license photo from 2003, on the right is late last year. I’ve attached another story that resonated with me a our diagnosis different but our recovery was due to the same approach, Jenny McGruther form the Nourished Kitchen.

Recover in your kitchen using real, home cooked foods.