Basic Jerky


  • 2kg of lean beefjerky jar
  • Himalayan or Celtic salt


  1. Partially freeze the meat of ease of cutting or get the butcher to slice it for you. If you cut it across the grain it will be more brittle and if you cut it along the grain it will be chewier.
  2. Cut the meat into thin 1cm thick strips or thinner if you can manage it. Keep the thickness across the process as this allows for an even drying time.
  3. Layer into a glass dish and finely sprinkle with salt before layering again with another layer of meat.
  4. Cover and place into the fridge overnight.
  5. Lay the meat out onto drying racks evenly spaced in dehydrator and dehydrate at the temperature suggested by your dehydrators manufacturer. However I choose to dry mine at 46 degrees over a longer period of time (12 hours).

There are all manner of marinade options and that is entirely up to you.  If making jerky for pemmican you don’t need to marinade with salt, only dehydrate itjerky image









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