Making Tallow

Check out Leah’s Youtube Video on making Tallow:


  • 3 kg of suet or kidney fat from grass-fed beef or lamb. 3kg of suet should yield 2 to 2.5kg of tallow.


  1. Cut the fat up into rough 2 inch pieces and place into a slow cooker set to low heat.

    Part 1 - Rendering

    Part 1 – Rendering

  2. It takes between 6-8 hours to render depending on the slow cooker and how small you cut up the fat pieces.
  3. Use a sugar thermometer to make sure that the fat remains under 120 degrees.
  4. Leave the lid on the slow-cooker for the first 3 hours and then remove the lid once the fat starts to become more liquid and insert the thermometer to make sure it stays under 120 degrees
    tallow making 2

    Part 2 – Bottling Tallow

    Celsius. This ensures that it remains a saturated fat rather than heating past its smoke point and becoming a trans fat.

  5. You know it has finished rendering when there are no more bubbles simmering off the oil. The bubbles are an indicator that there is still water content in the slow cooker. You want to cook off all the water and impurities so the oils don’t go rancid. This oil will also be stable at room temperature if you have a cool place to store it in a cupboard.
  6. After it has stopped bubbling, leave it to cool slightly and then strain it through a sieve and into glass jars for storage.

Some butchers also keep the chicken skin off the birds. This can be also reduced to make beautiful chicken fat for cooking and the left over skin turns into a crunch chip like treat for the kids. It’s really more-ish I have trouble stopping eating them.