How Much Protein?

Mush Sliders

Mushroom Sliders with Bacon Jam and onion

How much Protein is actually required on a Paleo/LCHF diet? “Isn’t it just all meat?”

The Paleo/LCHF lifestyle and the ratio of meat protein required within the diet is often misrepresented by media. Kris Kresser supports the notion that a paleo lifestyle is what you want it to be. I view the paleo lifestyle to be one of real food, void of grains, real exercise that forces you out into nature walking along logs, running hopping and carrying things otherwise known as functional fitness, and a lifestyle that abides by the circadian rhythms or principles that natures abides by.
Meat protein should make up roughly 0.8g (actual protein) of your ideal body weight per day. Eg I weigh 60kg therefore 0.8g x 60 = 48g. I need roughly 48g of protein daily. Continue reading

Low Carb Diet ?

mushrrom vs honey

Both have the same carbohydrate values of 4grams. 100g mushroom or 1 teaspoon of honey

What does my low-carb diet look like?

The house hold diet was a “real food” diet of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, low starch vegetables, fruit and small amounts of natural sugars like honey and maple. We have been living this way for the last 12 months under the guidance of our GP. It wasn’t until we fulfilled the last suggestion by our GP to limit the fruit intake and remove lower sugars that we fully understood what being a ‘fat burner’ was all about. Continue reading

Bio Individuality

A18 crowd

Your health prescription should be as individual as you.

Bio Individuality…..The principle that one diet does not fit all.
I have read this word a few times in my diet adventures and have come to the understanding that each person does well on their own diet be it Paleo, GAPS, Atkins, SCD, or ketogenic and considered that the individual had to find which one was right for them.
Mark, I and the kids are all following a modified paleo diet (JUST EAT REAL FOOD) that puts us into a ketogenic state however we all tolerate these foods within the paleo diet guidelines differently. For example two of our family members have intolerances to nightshade vegetables. It also depends on which author, researcher, and scientist you follow and what the success has been this far in your recovery. I heard a podcast interview with Chris Kresser and his approach to the paleo lifestyle being built around difference.
It seems that the latest media favourite for miss-representation is the Paleo diet. Called a “Fad” the diet aim’s to move back to real food that is not processed, eating local, in season produce with a special focus on the way the food was produced. It’s not a diet of carnivores. Continue reading