Sister Wisdom

_DMB9169 (Large)My baby sister is so much wiser than I….But I’ve lived longer, shouldn’t I know more?!
That moment when your little sister tells you to slow down and enjoy the progression of things to come. I don’t think it ever occurred to me that she has had her own hardships and lessons to learn. Obviously she has but I never thought that she would be teaching me the lessons of life and how to enjoy it, mistakes and all.

Today she told me that:

  • Part of the process is the enjoyment of learning.
  •  Slow down and take it all in because if you do it right you only need to do it once and you’ll be forever proud of your achievements.
  • Let the process happen, get caught in its diversions and be open to it all

Basically she’s telling me to slow down in her designer/manager voice. I vaguely remember my parents saying something similar. Actually that’s a lie, they tell me all the time!
Can the thing that drives you, drive you insane?