The Merrymaker Sisters…Cooking, wellness and laughter!

Surely each of us knows the experience of being drawn to someone because of their infectious laugh and glowing spirit. Being able to spend some time with the Merrymaker Sisters was one of the most soul-giggling experiences that I have encountered. These two are sweet and affectionate to all and their kind natures are a testimony to the path that they have journeyed and especially to the education that they have experienced through studying as holistic health coaches.

I understand that we all have our own dietary theories and please don’t think that I am proposing that the whole world adopt a paleo lifestyle but rather through the clarity of cleaning up the diet, home, making meaningful connections and opening your heart to new ideas and experiences you’ll find a deeper trust in your own intuition and a strength to make the best decision for your own health.

It was especially interesting for me when they described their journey to real food and wellness. I believe strongly in listening to your own body and creating a lifestyle that supports your wellness. The Merrymakers explained that their first experiences with ‘paleo’ food involved far too many treat foods like paleo cakes and biscuits with too much natural sugars (honey, maple syrup etc) added and it was by listening to their bodies that they have now evolved their diets and recipes to include almost no added sugars.

The Merrymakers’ embody the concept of individual eating for wellness entirely and apply it to cooking, lifestyle and coaching. I found them and the joy they share to be totally infectious and their recipes are amazing.