water filterWater Filtration

One of the first things we recommend to people starting out on their own quest for wellness is to purchase and install a good quality water filter for their drinking water and ideally for their bathing water. One of the pillars of improving your overall wellness is removing unwanted chemicals from your daily lifestyle so that it can reduce the work your body has to do to process them.

Why do I need a drinking water filter?

There are many nasty chemicals that are approved for inclusion into our municipal water supplies and many of them are added as part of the cleansing and filtration process to ensure your drinking water does not contain pathogenic bacteria or diseases. We fully support the inclusion of chlorine in the water supply but there is no reason that you have to drink the water with this dangerous chemical included. Chlorine, by design, kills all bacteria and this includes the beneficial bacteria that live within your gut lining and help you digest foods and prevent disease.

Municipal water supplies often also contain fluoride. Fluoride, like chlorine is a dangerous chemical and in high doses is fatal to humans. Our dentist once explained that when it was first used in dentistry there were cases where dentists accidentally overdosed their clients and killed them in the dentist chair. Now of course there are benefits to preventing tooth decay and this is the reason why fluoride is added to water in the first place. If you are eating a low sugar diet then you are not going to have a problem with tooth decay so there is no need to use fluoride for tooth decay prevention! Our family take all fluoride out of our drinking water and we have not one filling between the four of us.

Why do I need a filter on my bath and shower water?

Your body lives in a symbiotic relationship with microscopic bacteria and this includes a beneficial relationship between your skin and skin bacteria. Chlorine is added to the water supply to remove harmful bacteria but bathing in chlorinated water also kills all the beneficial bacteria on your skin. A hot shower can also cause the chlorine to become a gas and this means that you are also prone to inhale the gaseous chlorine that will add to your overall chemical load. All man made chemicals that enter your body need to be processed and removedĀ  so cutting down on chemicals reduces the workload for your body.

We also find that our kids are prone to eczema rashes on their skin if exposed to a bath or shower in chlorinated water. This problem also applied to swimming in a chlorine pool. We seek to avoid chlorinated pools and have found that there are public pools available in many places that use salt chlorination and this seems to be OK. Even better is swimming in the ocean.

What options do I have?

When we were owner occupiers we installed an under-bench reverse osmosis filtration system for drinking water that removed the chlorine and fluoride and placed the waqter in a 5 L tank for constantly available filtered water out of a separate tap installed in the sink. Now we are renting and have the same filter in a bench top unit (as pictured above). If your council area does not add fluoride to the water then you can usually scale back the level of filtration required.

In the bath or shower we don’t remove the fluoride as we don’t drink the bath water, but we have a small but effective in-line filter that removes chlorine (also pictured above). These are inexpensive and we change the filter about once per year.

Where do I start?

We have always purchased our water filters from www.watershop.com.au as they offer great service and advice.