What I ate today?

IMG_4580FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender2What does my daily diet actually look like…
A reader suggested the diet that I live by might be a bit too high in amines for her to adopt. I consider that this is probably true for a person that follows a low amine diet. However my current view of low amine diets is that it is a stepping-stone to the next piece of the puzzle which is gut health and healing the cause of the reaction and inability to digest food properly. I mean no disrespect to the person who messaged me in any way as I came from a similar place. I too reduced our “real food” intake such as veggies, meat, eggs etc in favour of the grain and legume based material to pad out the reaction and uptake into the system. We were at one point afraid to eat certain veggies and food because of the high reactions that the kids had to these foods.

Under the direction of our GP we moved directly into a modified GAPS diet (no dairy or legumes) which is essentially meat, fish, eggs, low starch veggies, fermented veggies, low to no fruit, and limited amount of nuts and seeds. There was a turnaround period of a few weeks where we all felt horrid, by the end of the first month it was still a mess and leaving the house was a problem because of the heightened sensory issues we had with the outside world but we kept to the game plan and reported all behavioural information to our health practitioners and addressed these issues as they arose.

I’d like to suggest that I’m sharing my journey as a guide to pick apart and question. To make people aware that there are other choices that at first may appear obscenely hard and restrictive but the reward is having the freedom to leave the house with the kid in their best health (mind, body and soul). I’d prefer to work my butt off in the kitchen so we can tolerate the chemical load of leaving the sanctuary of the house more often for more joyful experiences devoid of meltdowns. With each piece of information we evaluated it and then decided whether or not it was right of us, please do the same for yourself.

Today’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast (7am) – 2 egg scramble with onions, ¼ butter lettuce, 1 rasher of bacon, broth cooked mushrooms, kraut, ½ an avocado, and a cup of ginger and liquorice tea
  • Lunch (1pm) -bone broth and a thyme and pumpkin damper
  • Dinner (6pm) – roast pork, shaved purple cabbage, ¼ butter lettuce and kraut.
  • After dinner – herbal tea

When I make breakfast I cook the mushrooms in the broth then serve some for my breakfast and the other half I puree with a cup of bone broth which makes my lunch. “Cook once, eat twice.” I admit that today’s food journal is a little lacking. It’s been a busy week and I’m at the end of my resources, the pantry is almost bare.  I limit myself to shopping weekly and 90% comes from the farmers markets.